Personalized Online Training

Combining the best of two worlds, online training allows for a personalized training plan in a more convenient and affordable version than personal training. 

Following an initial consultation or questionnaire, we develop a training plan that suits your needs, with scheduled catchups to assess progress,keep you on track and motivated. 

Plans can be tailored around competitions, holidays, weddings and other important events, or just general steady progress towards a healthier, fitter and stronger version of you.

This training approach is useful for anybody and with any goal, not just competitive athletes. Get in touch to get going to the best version of You!



Target: You are an ambitious athlete needing more guidance and support to work towards your goals. 


  • Weekly training plan with workouts

  • Initial testing protocols

  • Questionnaire based initial needs assessment (optional 45min phone consultation $65)

  • Weekly 2 sessions $25/week min 8 weeks



Target: You are very competitive athlete looking for that extra edge, and don't want to worry about your training plans - just get an expert to do design it for you. 


  • Weekly training plan with workouts

  • Initial testing protocols

  • Initial consultation (one-off $65)

  • Weekly program 3 sessions $35 

  • 1x weekly phone/Skype check-ins

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