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Online Customized Coaching - Gold


You are an ambitious athlete or simply somebody looking to leave your fitness programming to the experts.


The Gold program is the most cost-effective option to get to your results. You will receive 4 weekly workouts in the app, with a full description of exercises, repetitions, sets and intensity.

Additional resources included are warm-ups and foam rolling and stretching routines to make sure you prepare and recover well during the program.


After signing up we will have a 45 minute phone/skype consultation (one off fee $65) to establish goals, needs, timeframes, limitations (injuries, access to gym equipment, skills, other sporting activities, etc.).

Based on the above we will develop the first initial testing for your strength or endurance (based on goals set). With this information we can prepare the tailored program for you, fine-tuning it with your feedback over the weekly catch-ups.


  • Training program based on exact goals and initial assessment

  • Weekly training plan with 4 workouts

  • Initial testing protocols

  • Initial consultation (one-off $65)

  • 1x weekly 20 minute phone/Skype check-ins

  • Additional resources: warmups, stretching, foam rolling

  • Minimum 12 weeks commitment

  • Only $47/week

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