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12 Weeks Advanced Strength & Conditioning



This program targets the dedicated athlete, with more experience using barbells and freeweights. It is based on a sub-maximal test (3RM) to establish your starting strength and the percentages to be used in the plan. This 12 week plan is ideally suited for a thorough preparation and sharpening up before a trip or race (or block of races), can be a great strength builder in between race blocks or in the off season's strength building phase, but can be used at any time for strength gains and to improve your riding.



Using advanced strength exercises you will develop strength and condition specific for MTB, but it won't be easy! You will require access to a gym and about 2 hours per week to dedicate to this program (over 2 separate days). Each workout is split into two components, a pure strength part using weights, and a second circuit type workout, targeting all muscles involved to build stamina, fatigue resistance and muscular endurance. The program is delivered to you inside the Orbis Coaching app, every workout comes with its explanation and the exercises with videos and variations.



12 weeks of dedicated strength training will give you significant increases in muscular endurance, reduced fatigue on the bike and increase in power output. After 12 weeks we retest your 3RM, and you can expect to see significant gains, which do translate to more power, control, efficient pedaling and reduced fatigue, and having more fun during your rides!

Main features:

  • 2 sessions per week, with full videos of each exercise to execute with correct technique

  • Covers full body strength specific to MTB

  • STrength workout based on 3RM test at beginning of program to establish training intensities

  • Full body conditioning, plyometric and dynamic training

  • Includes circuits for core, full body and conditioning

  • Additional resources for warming up, foam rolling and stretching

  • Only $139

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