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Road Cycling - 6 Week bodyweight program

Who - You are willing to give strength training a try, but have no access to a gym - or plainly don't like gyms!

That is fine, this program will improve your strength and condition by only using your own bodyweight.

How - Using basic strength and bodyweight exercises you will develop strength and condition specific for cycling. You will need about 2 hours per week to dedicate to this program (over 2 separate days). The workouts are challenging, using traditional and also more advanced movements. Special focus is put onto developing a strong core and powerful legs. These workouts are delivered via the Orbis online app to access from wherever you are.

Why - After 6 weeks you can expect to feel stronger on the bike, which translates to more control, efficient power transfer and reduced fatigue, and having more fun during your rides!


Main features:

  • 2 sessions per week, with full videos of each exercise to execute with correct technique

  • Develop full body strength, focusing on leg power

  • Strength improvement without added bulk

  • Full body conditioning, plyometric and dynamic training

  • Includes circuits for core, full body and conditioning

  • Only $69

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