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MTB Academy


​Mountain biking is a fun and challenging way of exploring the outdoors.


Being a MTB fanatic myself, I know how biking off-road can be challenging (even intimidating), and has its particular demands, muscular, cardiovascular and skills-wise.


Spending a few hours to develop basic technique and improving your confidence on the bike goes a long way in MTB. Likewise, developing the strength specific to this sport will ensure you enjoy riding longer, faster and injury free!


Skills Clinic


Improve your bike handling ability in all sorts of terrain, in a 2-3 hour session you will learn:


  • how to fit your bike

  • safe braking techniques

  • smart gear shifting

  • climb efficiently

  • cornering confidently

  • descending techniques

  • basic bike maintenance


Strength and Conditioning


To become a complete mountain bike rider, it is not longer enough only to spend time on the bike. A MTB specific exercise program can improve your riding by a lot, while also reducing injuries and postural deficiencies.


Riding a MTB over challenging terrain not only requires strong legs, but also upper body (think of absorbing impacts or pulling the bars on steep climbs) and a strong core to connect upper and lower body in an efficient and energy saving way.


Contact me to find out how I can help you become a stronger rider!



MTB Endurance Coaching


Whether your goal is to simply ride for longer and keep up with your mates or you are preparing for your first 6 hour solo, I can help you get there!

Depending on your current level, after an initial assessment I will work out a training program combining riding, skills training and strength training to ensure you reach that goal you have set your mind to!


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