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Online Coaching

Online Training Plans

If 1:1 training is not possible for you, using the new Orbis Coaching App you can access our great training packages from wherever you are. Developed with different targets in mind, from cycling and running specific strength training, to weight loss, toning and travellers workouts, we have you covered.

You will get a set amount of workouts for a given number of weeks, based on the goal you chose or sport you want to improve.

  • MTB Training plans

  • Road Cycling Training plans

  • Running

  • Weights loss

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Online Customized Coaching

If you want more guidance than a package, we offer a hybrid model, which combines a personalized approach to your needs, but delivered in the form of an app. This coaching approach includes an initial goals assessment (online or phone) and the development of a plan with workouts you will enjoy and which are targeted to the specific goals and needs established.

This gives you a more affordable option to 100% Personal Training, at a much lower cost and still helps you achieve YOUR specific goals. Coaching can vary depending on sessions needed, timeframes involved and any extras you might want (more catch-up sessions, 1:1 meetings, nutrition plans, etc).

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