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MTB Strength and Conditioning Plans

Strength and conditioning training package using your own bodyweight only. No gym or any equipment required!

8 Weeks Basic MTB Strength and Conditioning

Basic strength program for MTB riders. Requires gym access, 2 sessions per week and additional resources for stretching and foam rolling.


8 Weeks Advanced MTB Strength and Conditioning

This program includes more advanced exercises and strength development protocols.  Recommended for more dedicated and ambitious riders. You will need access to a gym, 2 sessions each week.


12 Weeks Advanced MTB Strength and Conditioning

The most thorough and effective S&C program for demanding riders. Using constant progression and resting protocols this program will see your form increase significantly. Great to prepare for a long race block, riding trip or season start.


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Road Cycling Strength & Conditioning Plans

Raod Cycling Bodyweight - 6 Weeks

Have a tailored program of 2 weekly sessions custom made for your own goals, and delivered via the Orbis app. 


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