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My fave brekky pancakes!

Pancakes - try this version using buckwheat and wholegrain flour to mix it up, or go buckwheat only for a gluten free option.

Each pancake has only 160 kcal, 26 gr carbs, 6 gr protein and 2 gr fat (calculated using MyFitnessPal). Adding yogurt, honey, fruits and nuts will change these numbers significantly, so make sure you account for them.


150 gr buckwheat

150 gr wholegrain flour

1 egg

1 tbsp baking powder

stevia and cinnamon according to your taste!

Add approx. 1 cup of water, to get a mixture you can easily pour into a small to medium frying pan, using coconut oil and turning it over once bubbles appear on the upper side.

Try a version without stevia for savoury meals, goes great with creamy mushroom sauce!

Bon appetit!!

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