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Online Training Plans

If you are ready to train on your own, I have developed training packages with different workouts to keep your training fun and challenging, and make sure you reach your goals faster.

These plans are based on years of training athletes for their goals, and have been refined to suit the needs of specific sports or achieve your goals. Each plan comes with a description of how to warm up, when to train (and when to rest!), and how to execute each movement with simple videos.

Just chose a program that suits your goals, skills and you will get it via the Orbis Coaching app on your phone or tablet. The more advanced plans have a strength test in the beginning (3RM) to set your baseline strength and work percentages for weights sessions.

MTB Specific Strength and Conditioning Training Plans

Mountain biking is a unique sport with specific demands on your body. A general fitness or strength program will only get you marginal improvements. These programs are designed to address the specific needs from MTB:

We offer 3 versions of our MTB specific training:

  • Basic 8 weeks program

  • Advanced 8 weeks program

  • Advanced 12 weeks program

Go to MTB Training Programs

Road Cycling 

Road cyclists have just recently begun to include strength training into their programs. Historically strength (especially with weights) was associated with weight gain, and therefore slower performance (specifically when climbing).

These strength training plan are developed in order to increase pure strength, power output, muscular and core endurance, without a significant gain in muscle mass. Using scientifically proved methodologies, my clients see great results with only 2 sessions each week.

Learn more about the 6 Weeks Bodyweight for Road Cyclists Plan .


Strength Training for Runners - Bodyweight Program

Adding strength training to your regular running routine is a great way to improve your running efficiency, stride power and prevent injuries. This program benefits both road and trail runners, and is also a great way to improve your overall fitness.

I have developed a 6 Weeks Strength and Conditioning for Runners program that without using any equipment will get you running faster, for longer and free from injuries.

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