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MTB - 6 Weeks Bodyweight Training

Who - You want to improve your bike-specific fitness but do not have access to a gym, don't like to train with weights or need a program you can execute anywhere, even while travelling. 

How - Using only bodyweight exercises you will develop strength and condition specific for MTB. You will receive two weekly, full body workouts of different intensity and difficulty, challenging your endurance, coordination skills and focus.

Why - With only 6 weeks of training, expect increased muscular endurance, a stronger core, upper body strength that will lead to more control on the bike.

Main features:

  • No gym or equipment needed

  • 6 Weeks of training with 2 sessions per week, full videos of exercises to execute with correct technique

  • Covers full body strength specific to MTB

  • Full body conditioning, plyometric and dynamic training

  • Includes circuits for core, full body strength and conditioning

  • Extra resources with foam rolling and stretching routines

  • Only $69

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